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Stan TV Contacts

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Customers wanting to contact Stan TV Australia will need to use the online contact support facility. Stan TV Australia provides a “Submit a request” option where customers can request information on a pre-defined questions basis. The way it works if by going to send a request page at https://help.stan.com.au/hc/en-us/requests/new and choose the option that best qualifies the issue a customer wants to resolve. After selecting the relevant options from the various questions listed, the website presents a new screen where the customer is asked to give details about their issue. Customers are to submit their email contact detail and provide relevant information concerning the issue to resolve. If applicable, a customer making the inquiry may attach a document to back their inquiry.

Stan TV Australia also provides help home, an online help facility where customers can find answers quickly to their inquiries and complaints. The client can access help home here and proceed to find relevant subheadings to resolve their issues. Some of the subtitles are “getting started,” “manage account,” “watching Stan,” and “troubleshooting.” Clicking on any of the subtitles will lead to further information and action by the inquiring customer. Customers can also explore the Quick Links facility provided on the help home page. Stan TV Australia provides relevant information to help customers resolve their issues like Change Credit Card, View Billing History, Create Profiles and Manage Devices.



Stan TV Australia provides online help facility to resolve customer inquiries and issues. Customers are to submit a request on its website for processing. Most help support come as a self-help effort requiring customers to go through pre-defined topics in the “submit a request” page to choose topics option that best describes their issue. After picking the best option that describes your problem, a form is opened for the customer to enter detailed information on their inquiry. The information will include customer email contact, select the detail of the problem and type detail information about the problem and if applicable, an attachment is attached to the message before submitting the help request for processing. Otherwise, the request is submitted without attachment.

The website provide major areas of assistance to customers inquiries including “Getting Started” with Stan TV Australia, “Manage Account” for existing account holders, “Watching Stan” and “troubleshooting.” Selecting any of these subheadings in the help page would lead to more information on how the customer can get help. You can access Stan TV Australia customer help page here.

I don't own a credit card so how else can I sign up for stan
is there a problem with stan as i get a error message when i try watch your movies
I am paying for Stan tv but have not been able to access it on my tv could please help
I cannot access t.v. shows or movies. Stan freezes up at beginning and the movie never starts. My mobile number is 61421122858. This has beening going on for over a week now and I am thinking of cancelling my subscription as I am paying for a non service not to mention the frustration.
I can't watch Stan please contact me
Imy account was hacked and I got in contact with the bank today as they were researching to find the problem we discovered Stan has been withdrawing money from my account since last year every month I’m appalled that after trialling the service free of charge for one month as advertised no obligations they have continued to withdraw this money although I didn’t renew under no circumstance. I need someone to call me on 0434 722 700
Paying for Stan & cannot play movies. Please contact 0488113988 asap
Yes I'm trying to talk to stans account department as my bank details have changed and I don't want to do it on line can someone please call me on 0402805181 thanks jenny
I have forgotten my password please contact me on 0401412751
We have not been able to watch Stan since the upgrade. Please call us in 0455258171
I have a problem and need someone to phone me this morning asap on 0419 024490 or 0733881408 thank you
I have STAN loaded on my Blu-ray player and all the same models also but one keeps saying GETTING YOUR STREAM and its DOESN'T LOAD and we can't watch anything at all for this reason. Please contact me at 0407863867.
I have a problem please contact 0413589563
Call me 0403704639. I'm having troubles
I wish to cancel my stan membership, please contact me on 0421340709 thankyou donna schwarz
Please phone me on 0402652540... regarding my account