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SOUTHWEST AIRLINES Contact Customer Service

At Southwest Airlines, their Goal is to hook up Visitors to important occasions of lives through reliable, low-cost and friendly flights. As an airline, the idea of building connections is a separate pursuit that does not just connect with places we fly. Actually, a few of our best work is performed on the floor in areas where we live, serve and work. Southwest Airlines proudly display their Servant's Hearts in many ways across our route system. In the end, they are not just your chosen airline our 50000 plus Southwest members of family are friends and family and neighbors. This past year, Southwest Airlines gave 38,936 tickets plus more than $3 million in monetary contributions to nonprofit organizations. All advised, their 2015 commercial economic, kind and solution donations totaled more than $19 million. Even though we could very please to provide economic resources and seat tickets to deserving organizations, Southwest Airlines also look for ways to in my opinion engage in complexities that subject most to neighborhoods we serve. In 2014, Southwest Airlines launched the Heart and soul of Community program to market economic, wellbeing and public initiatives throughout our neighborhoods. This to begin its kind program targets revitalizing public spaces through the city based approach of place making, which is manufactured possible by our partnership with the pioneering nonprofit Project for Public Spaces. Southwest Airlines customer service is the fastest way to get in contact with Southwest Airlines

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