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SKYTRANS Contact Customer Service

Skytrans is an airline that is based in Queensland. It is paired with a separate air charter business, which is located in Cairns. Skytrans Airlines has a distinguished and long history in Queensland. It was launched back in 2000 by a business expert named Peter Collings. He was also a pilot. At the moment, it has become one of the leading regional mail, passenger and charter airlines. The scheduled passenger services offered by Skytrans Airlines can be experienced from Cairns to nine other locations in Cape York. The company went through a significant revolution back in 2015, where a new board of officials were elected. Since then, the airline focused more on expanding their services to deliver a better service for the people in need. According to the stats of 2016, Skytrans Airlines has a fleet that consists of 8 airlines. In addition to offering airline services for the people in Queensland, it has contributed a lot towards the development of communities by delivering sponsorships. In fact, this airline is well known in the region for donations and it has donated to more than 250 organizations at the moment. You can contact skytrains Airlines via phone number and ask for more details.

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