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Shell is a multinational oil and gas public limited company that has its headquarters located in the Netherlands. It has been in existence for almost 110 years with various subsidiaries in different countries. It has worldwide reach with its products focusing on Natural gas, petroleum and other petrochemicals with about 94,000 employees.
Shell is one of the companies in the world with high value and seventh in terms of annually generated revenue. Shell is so big that it is involved in any aspect of oil and gas that you can think of while at the same time, operating in over 90 countries. The company is quite a popular with a highly commercialized logo to show for it.
Overtime, Shell has delved into renewable sources of energy outside of oil and gas such as solar, hydrogen, wind etc. just to mention a few. While they have courted some controversies here and there, which sometimes cannot be avoided for a company as large as that, they have tried their best in ensuring their workers are well paid and motivated with the necessary incentives.
Shell is quite a lucrative company to invest in and with a large presence around the world, their stock has continued to rise.

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