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State Debt Recovery Office SDRO Contacts

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There are several government agencies in Australia that issues fines, and it is up to the State Debt Recovery Office (SDRO) to ensure that all those fines are paid in a timely fashion. SDRO agency is able to go after those who are late in paying fines, and their practices are clearly outlined in the Fines Act 1996.

The State Debt Recovery Office is a department of the state government which focuses on recovering money from a variety of tickets and fines. You can pay your tickets on the website or look up camera photos. You can also request a review to help keep the roads safer.



To call the Office Of State Revenue, SDRO department, you can call Sdro contact number at 1300 138 118. This phone number is available on business days from 7:30 am to 8 pm.

You can make an online enquiry with the SDRO at this website: http://www.sdro.nsw.gov.au/contact/penalty-form.php. Online enquiries are easy to make but they are also the longest to hear back from. It may take a few days to hear back. There is a separate enquire form for enforcement orders here: http://www.sdro.nsw.gov.au/contact/enforcement.php.

Enforcement orders can be phoned in at Sdro phone number 1300 655 805

For those looking to speak about unpaid ambulance fees, you can call 1300 655 805.

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hi, may i contact with sdro via email?