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SCT LOGISTICS Contact Customer Service

SCT Logistics is an interstate transport company based in Australia. The majority of their services are delivered via rail and road, and they have been in business since 1974. While SCT has its main corporate headquarters on Altona, they also have offices in Brisbane, Parkes, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, and Adelaide. The business really changed for SCT in the mid 90’s, when National Rail opened up their network to private operators. The SCT business grew quickly from them on, and is now considered one of the largest transportation providers of their kind in the country. SCT Logistics customer service department can be reached by phone There is a contact us form in the official website of SCT Logistics Australia. The company encourages customers with general concerns in order to get in touch with them through this contact us form. All the queries that are submitted through this form will be sent to a team of helpful customer support representatives. They will answer all the questions in a timely manner and help you to get all the questions and doubts that you have in your mind clarified. Apart from the general customer support contact number, the contact details of SCT Logistics Australia have been specified for the customers to get answers. They include the contact numbers, fax numbers, email addresses and physical addresses of the SCT Logistics offices that are located in Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Parkes and Perth. People who have concerns related to the service offered by SCT Logistics Australia can either visit one of these offices; send a fax, email or phone in order to get them clarified. However, it is better to get in touch with the offices during working hours of the day in order to get a response in a timely manner.

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