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Speak with Scania Customer Support

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Scania Australia is a vehicle producing company that is based in Australia but has about 1,600 workshops and 14,000 service technicians around the world.

Scania Australia produces anything ranging from trucks to buses sand coaches while also producing the parts needed for these vehicles to run smoothly. The aim of the company is to be as close as to customers as much as possible hence the number of workshops and service technicians available. But in order to improve their service and deliver better customer satisfaction, Scania Australia has put in place a customer service team and the means by which they can be contacted.

The customer care of Scania Australia can be contacted through this phone number 03 9217 3300 and this is the number that people can call to obtain information about the warranty of the products of Scania Australia as well as the availability of spare parts.

So, no matter the products purchased from the company and irrespective of a customer’s geographical location, he or she can reach Scania helpline through the designated phone number. Another way to contact the customer service is to fill their email contact form through which you can then send an email to them about any information.

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