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SALMAT Contact Customer Service

Salmat was founded in 1979. Salmat phone number use it to call Salmat customer service, an operator will help you,
This Australian ASX listing company has been in operation since the year 1979. It was originally founded by two men – Peter Mattick and Phil Salter. Salmat has a reputation for providing top of the line multichannel marketing services, and some of the most efficient customer service in the entire industry.
Salmat website has also been praised for its simplicity in its contact us page, in which employees can be reached via email, by phone number, or through chat features. Its HQ is located in Sydney, Salmat provides services for Target, Telstra, Woolworths Australia, and much more besides, and they continue to expand each and every single day. What’s more, with more than 4000 people working for the company, in countries such as New Zealand, Australia, and many located in Asia, it’s no wonder why Saltmat is considered one of the best in the industry to date.

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