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RTA AUSTRALIA Contact Customer Service

RTA Australia is state-owned agency found across different states in Australia that is concerned with the residential sector particularly in the area of renting houses to dwell in and is most active in the state of Queensland. RTA stands for Residential Tenancies Authority and it is concerned with providing services like resolution of disputes, bond management, tenancy information, and policy education. RTA enlighten people on the rules for renting a place in Queensland while also providing information and resources for people that manage properties in Queensland so that they go about their different roles appropriately and effectively. RTA has a customer service section which they refer to as client service charter which allows people to reach them and seek their help thus making it easy to utilize the contact us option that is available on their website. Furthermore, RTA Australia makes it a point of duty to release a wide range of publications from time to time containing reports of activities, achievements, strategies, data, finances and policies just to keep people informed of what they are doing and the progress they are making. RTA Australia is governed by a 7-man board and is made up of 5 divisions with each attending to different functions.

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