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Ross House is a five-storey building; Ross House is a unique building project that is owned by the community in Flinders Lane, Melbourne, Australia. Ross House is located at 247 – 251 Flinders Lane in the center of Melbourne; it operates as a non-profit and fully managed by only its members.
Ross House was built to serve as a resource to small community groups within Victoria. The members of the Association that built the "Ross House" are the ones that sit on the Committee of management. The members of the association are some of the most marginalized people in Australia.
Ross House was built to provide an affordable center space for people, Ross House has the capacity to offer office space and accommodate more than 60 organizations at an affordable price below market rates. Other building's facilities such as meeting rooms, mailboxes, fax machines and photocopiers are used by even a large number of groups. These services are being rendered in order to help the small community to social justice and the environmental sustainability.
The provision of a stable environment and cheap resources helps the Ross House to the rate of insecurities and financial pressures that always affect the activities of organizations of a small community. There is an official website for Ross House that contains more information and also a Ross House customer support line.

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