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RBS AUSTRALIA Contact Customer Service

Royal Bank os Australia also known as RBS is one of the main bank in Australia
Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) Australia was founded in 1988 as a branch of the Royal Bank of Scotland N.V global business. The bank was established to provide services both for corporate and institutional banking customers in Australian’s and New Zealand’s domestic market.
Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) Australia is built on the ideals of its parent company: providing clients with world-class products, smooth execution and deep insights into markets and industries around the world. It provides exemplary services in debt financing, risk management and transaction services.
The services include loans, bonds, and secured corporate debt products, liability management, structured finance and rating advice.
The company offers clients tailored services in risk and investment management, giving customers opportunity for growth along the path of their ambitions and appetites; providing them with the opportunity for growth in the complex world of businesses.
The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) Australia is headquartered in Sydney NSW and office in Auckland. The bank counts on over 300 years of diverse business and shrewd banking experiences. Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) Australia's evolution has resulted in different names including RBS Group (Australia) Pty Ltd, AMRO Australia Pty Limited, and Maunsell Australia Pty Ltd.
The bank's motivated staff and customer service agents are ready to provide clients who contact them on RBS phone number with useful information.

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