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QUEENSLAND TIMES Contact Customer Service

The Queensland Times is an everyday paper offering Ipswich and surrounds in Queensland, Australia. The Queensland Times ePaper is a convenient and interactive version of the printed magazine that you're familiar with holding in the hands, however it's now accessible anytime and everywhere on your desktop, tablet and smartphone devices. The Queensland Times ePaper is the easiest, cost-effective and complete way to read your favorite newspapers on one site. Having a subscription towards the Queensland Times ePaper, users access newspaper publishers on the entire day they are simply printed. The Queensland Times ePaper enhances your reading experience with a straightforward interface and easy-to-use navigation tools. The Queensland Times is the oldest surviving provincial newspaper in Queensland. Founded in 1859 as the Ipswich Herald, it includes continued since. Until a printer's attack briefly interrupted creation in 1972, it got the pleased record of never having skipped a scheduled concern, regardless of fires, machinery and floods breakdowns. One of the key aims of the Ipswich Herald was to market Ipswich's claims to be capital city of the Mooretown bay colony as separation from New South Wales loomed. Contact Queensland Times customer support.

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