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Pixmania Australia Help Center

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Pixmania also referred to as Fotovista, is a French-based e-commerce site, founded in 2000. In addition, it offers a variety of products, which includes electronic, garments, baby products, and much more. Further, in 2013, it has over 300 million Euros by running 14 active retail stores in various European Countries. Also, by 2013 it has about 880 employees; it was originally under the British Dixons Retail plc also referred to as DSG International plc from 2006. In 2013, a German-based company known as Mutares bought Pixmania.

Some of the main products include: Digital photography Telecommunications Information technology Brown goods White goods For delivery options, it depend on the European country you are located at, keep in mind that every Pixmania order placed will be delivered in the country concerned. At Pixmania they are committed to make every customer happy by meeting their demands and expectation. Subsequently, they also do regular check-ups on their transport partners, which include Hermes, GLS, and much more so as to meet the delivery time required.

The service offered by Pixmania entails: In the case a similar product cheap elsewhere, they usually refund the difference If your product breaks down, they do a full refund They offer extended warranties up to 3 or 5 years All in all, if your product breaks you can contact customer services as soon as possible, to get it rectified. However, for further questions always feel free to contact them or visit their website at Pixmania.com.

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