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PHILIP MORRIS AUSTRALIA Contact Customer Service

Phillip Morris Australia is one of the leading cigarette manufacturing companies in the country and it offers a decent customer support service as well. However, it is important to keep in mind that no direct customer support number is promoted by the company as they don’t deal directly with the end customers. However, if a specific customer has a concern related to the services offered by Phillip Morris Australia, the company can be contacted via the inquiry form that is located on the official website. The inquiry form can also be used to ask for more information about cigarettes, promotional items and marketing material. Phillip Morris Australia offers an exceptional support for the customers who are unsatisfied with their products. If a specific customer is unsatisfied with a product, that person is encouraged to visit the nearest office along with the product. If anyone has media inquiries, press office can be contacted directly via the official website. However, it is important to note that press release is not in a position to respond to the general inquiries of clients. On the other hand, a separate contact channel has been provided for the individuals and organizations who are looking for investment opportunities with Phillip Morris Australia

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I live in Cairns aria- (FNQLD), is there any place where I can buy Marlboro touch ? Thank you
I bought a packet of your Bond Street gold today and was most upset to find that your quality control leaves a great deal to be desired. I was unable to smoke it as the paper was wrapped at an angle allowing air to prevent correct lighting. As you are aware cigarettes these day are not a modest purchase being over a dollar a stick. I am writing to you of my dissatisfaction and would expect a response from you at your earliest convenience If you provide me with a suitable means of communication I can send you the photo I have taken of the defective product. Regards, Bronwyn van Beek 0448471552