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PACIFIC NATIONAL Contact Customer Service

Pacific National Rail was founded in 2002 after Toll Holdings and Patrick Corporation bought the combined Australian Government-owned national rail corporation’s freight operations and Rollingstock and the New South Wales Government-owned FreightCorp. Pacific National Rail is one of the largest private rail freight businesses in Australia. The company is now a subsidiary of Asciano Limited after the restructuring of Toll Holdings in 2007.
Pacific National Rail (Australia) operates domestic containerized freight services, bulk haulage – moving bulk goods including coal and grain for local and export markets. Pacific controls about 70% of Australian Rail long haul intermodal market.
Pacific National Rail Australia services all the mainland states and territories. The company has in its fleet, 596 locomotives and 12.000 waggons to render haulage and intermodal services are freighting coal, grain, steel and ores and helping domestic and export as well as providing long distance passengers train services. Pacific National Rail has five operating divisions including Bulk Rail, Intermodal, coal, Queensland and the steel contract.
Pacific National Rail has a full time employee roll call of 3,573 personnel with strategic rail facilities located in Nebo, Cairns, Townsville, Mackay, Rockhampton, Brisbane (Queensland), Adelaide, Kewdale (Perth), Chullora (Sydney), and Melbourne. Pacific National Rail has in place a robust customer service. The public can contact them through Pacific National Rail phone number for complaints and inquiries.

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07/09/2017 Good Morning I am not too sure if you can help me (or direct me) to where it might be possible to have a cab ride on one of your freight trains. I have followed railways throughout my life that has included photography and have genuine interest in following the changing state of our railway system. I guess it is one of those “bucket” lists of dreams I have always wanted to do to have a cab ride. I am more than willing to meet/discuss any issues including any pre training and associated costs if required. I am also flexible with location and pick up times. I also understand and appreciate the safe working requirements of such a request and would not impede or distract the driver/observer if this request was successful. If you can help me that would be great, if not, I thank you for replying. Regards Michael de Josselin 30a Serpentine Street Mont Albert Vic 3127 Melbourne 0414-552926 Email: mdej1@optusnet.com.au