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Optus Customer Service

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Optus helpline service can provide any kind of information about Optus products or solve any doubts or claims. There are different ways to get in contact with Optus customer service department, you can call to Optus phone number or send and email to Customer Service or use FAQ are in placed within Optus website

Optus has various phone numbers listed on their website for calls within Australia and calls overseas. Optus also has several different subsidiaries, including Alphawest, Uecomm, SIMplus, and Virgin Mobile Australia and is associated with brands including Boost Mobile, OPEL Networks, Reef Networks, XYZed.

customer care

Individuals and small businesses are the two major types of customers of Optus Australia. As a result, they have introduced two different channels for these customers to get in touch, so that they can be provided with an instant reply. Out of the multiple channels of customer support introduced by Optus Australia, Live Chat hold a prominent place. Customers can simply contact Optus with a customer support representative through the live chat feature in official website.

Once the live chat feature is selected, they will be asked about what specific service they have the concern related to. The customers need to select one out of Phone and Broadband in order to proceed with the chat. Or else, customers can think of getting in touch with them through phone. Different phone lines have been introduced for the people who have different concerns. The exact Optus phone number can be figured out through their official website.

Optus Australia has also introduced a FAQ section for the convenience of customers. On the other hand, there is an excellent community forum, which can be browsed to get most of the questions and doubts that you have in mind clarified.



Which is Optus customer service number 24 7 in Australia?. Optus Australia is equipped with an excellent customer support team, which can easily be contacted for assistance. Optus promotes customer support through a self-help service. There is an in-detailed FAQ section in the website, which can be used to get all the questions and issues sorted out.

Customers just need to select a topic that better defines your requirements. You can easily figure out the answers to your questions through this portal. In case if you cannot find the answer to the question that you have in your mind, you can initiate a chat through the Live Chat facility that is available.

The live chat facility has been divided into two major components as individual support live chat and small business support live chat. After selecting the live chat support, you can narrow down the specific inquiry you have and see whether it is related to mobile, home phone or internet. If you don’t prefer live chat, you can directly call them through the provided Optus contact number.

People who have concerns related to Optus Australia can also think about seeking the assistance of community forum. The community forum is equipped with friendly individuals who can support you.

There is a live chat on the official website of Optus where you can contact one of the members responsible for the service providing.



Having a reasonable mobile plan that will provide you with the best services is hard in the present age. This is the reason Optus Australia has the best mobiles services and plans for all their customers. It is their reputation that most of the customer are considering their services. 

However, you might be looking for their services, rates or facing some, kind of issues with your budget make sure that you contact Optus customer service.

Optus Customer services

To make sure that the clients of Optus Australia will get the best services they have trained a special Optus customer service team. Some of the methods you can use to contact them are:

  • You can call Optus the support team
  • You can find the answers to your questions and the information about their services at the FAQ page. Follow https://optus.intelliresponse.com/ 
  • Optus is available on almost all the social media sites like facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn. You will get a fast response.

So make sure that you contact Optus customer services as soon as possible. They will provide you with the best solutions reading your problems. The Optus customer care has been trained to never disappoint the customers.



Call Optus phone number is one of the best ways to contact Optus telecommunication company, is easy, is fast, and you will speak with a customer care representative in just a few seconds. Contact Optus Australia now

Optus helpline is available for existing and non existing customer in order to get support of Optus staff.

You can also call Optus on their official number 1800 780 219 and ask about any concerns or issues that you have. Optus customer service department opening hours are from Monday to Friday, from 8pm until 9pm, and on Saturday and Sunday, from 9am until 7pm and 6 pm respectively.

In order to provide the services, the company uses wholesales services and operates with its own network infrastructure. Optus uses the services from the Amaysim and Exetel service providers and obtains wireless and broadband internet services

Among the other services are 4G Mobile and Satellite. This company is considered to be the largest wholesaler satellite in Australia.

How the customers can contact Optus for any assistance?

  • Hybrid fibre-coaxial network which provides cable internet, cable television and telephony services. Call Optus at 133 937 if you have any general enquires and need assistance with that.
  • CBD optical fibre rings providing access directly to the government and corporate services, which you can access it via the live chat.
  • OptusNet, one of the first companies in Australia that provide cable internet and upgrades of the HFC network. They enable the customers to have maximum downstream.

The services provided by this telecommunication company can be also accessed via optus helpline reaching at +61 7 5528 1100 and the opening hours are from 9 am until 5 pm. You can also shop the latest technology devices here and get interesting entertainment packages from the company.

Another way to access and contact Optus is via its mailing address: Customer Relations Group, PO Box 306, SALISBURY SOUTH SA 5106 and you will get an answer regarding your issues.



Optus probabily is one of the biggest phone companies from Australia and the fact is that operates its own network infrastructure (not like other companies). Also, Optus provides services to users an companies also, generating a higher ad value.

Optus services can be summary as follows: Fixed Telephony, Mobile Telephony, Internet Access and Cable Television.

In 2015 Optus was forced to shut down its TV Now service due to a legal decision, nevertheless, this point may bring another consequences

Optus Australia, founded in 1981 in Sydney, Australia, is a telecommunications company that offers services such as telephony, internet access, television, and data transmission. Optus has been a subsidiary of Singtel since 2001. Before that, Optus was known as AUSSAT Pty Limited, but was later sold off by the government, therefore becoming the privatized company known as Optus.

Some notable people associated with Optus include chairman Paul O’ Sullivan and CEO Allen Lew. With more than 8,700 employees, Optus has raked in over $764 million in net income since 2013. Optus has a fibre optic network across Australia, including areas such as Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth.

Optus has also outsourced employment to various Asian countries, including India, The Phillippines, and Singapore. Optus has a large variety of social media, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest, and Instagram, under the username “Optus.” Optus conveniently has online live chat support on their website, www.optus.com.au.

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Hi , I am very disappointed how my query was handled on 31/10/2016: I spoke to a representative regarding my latest bill received for approx. $217.78. I explained to her that I'm not going to pay the bill as I wanted to know how my bill come to that amount. I requested international roaming and not a travel pack. I ask for a statement to me mailed and has not received that either. What type of company are you. You are quick to sell phone but when it come to solve problems you are sometime very pathetic. She advisedd me that they are going to listen to the conversation I had with the guys at the time and call me back in 3-5 working days. To to day no one call. I contacted again on 7/11/2016 and poke to a Hanna -Employer no. CP546960 who was vey friendly and very helpful. She has requested that I only have to pay $47.55 and she will pay the other outstanding amount of $170.23. Big thumps up for her. Your company should employed more people like her. Thanks Christophene Julius