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One.Tel was a telecommunication company founded in 1995, founded by Jodee Rich and Brad Keeling, and later collapsed in 2001. One.Tel was initially extremely successful, becoming one of Australia’s top telecommunication companies. One.Tel was even backed by big names such as the Murdoch and Packer families, and as a result, the company’s collapse was an enormous embarrassment for both families.
One.Tel aimed to market to a younger audience and had a snappy slogan, “You’ll tell your friends about One.Tel.” One.Tel also sought to make telephones more accessible to the general public. In 1998, the company began to expand internationally and opened locations in Los Angeles, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, and Zurich. The year of 1999 was particularly notable, in which Lucent Technologies would build and finance a ten billion dollar European mobile network for One.Tel. However, in 2000, the next year, One.Tel’s financial issues began to surface, such as a loss of $291 million in that financial year, with the company’s share price dropping to under one dollar.
One.Tel experienced a different fate internationally, such as when Centrica acquired UK One.Tel and ran it until 2005 when the company expressed desires to sell One.Tel.

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I have called there customer service 4 times now after you hold for 1hr 56 seconds it automatically hangs up on you every time. This is the opposite of customer service.