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Nylex Customer Service phone number

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Nylex is an Australian based company that has been active since the 1920’s and which is known for its quality watering products. Their products run the gamut from hoses to rain gauges and sprayers, and even includes large water tanks for residential and commercial use.

Anyone who has a garden that they frequently tend to in Australia most likely has a Nylex product of some sort in use. The Nylex corporate headquarters are located in Doncaster, Victoria, but their products are available all over Australia.

There are a number of different ways to Nylex contact customer service directly from the main Nylex website, but you can also call them at Nylex free phone number 1800 335 019.

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I bought a Nylex Kinkaway 30 metre hose a couple of years ago, and it has given nothing but trouble since. Kinkaway?? If that implies less kinks, then it's a lie. I have never owned a hose that kinks worse, and that includes the cheapest. It has a number of cracks from regular kinking, and I have never been able to use it without it kinking. It is completely inconsistent with......... "The name Nylex is a famous Australian brand synonymous with quality and reliability and sits high amongst this country's most iconic", from your site. Surprisingly the fittings are quite good. I note it has a 15 year guarantee, so what is necessary to claim on this warranty. I have proof of purchase, and I prefer a refund so that I can buy a hose of reasonable quality. My contacts are 'phone 0423788703, or rossdmartin@yahoo.com.au and I prefer email contact. Thanks Ross Martin