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NUPLEX CHEMICAL Contact Customer Service

First and foremost, Nuplex Australia is a R&D, sales and Production Company whose main aim is to enable flexibility and versatility to their clients. Their services include:
Improve their partner’s performance and productivity.
Entering new markets
Refine applications
Deliver advanced products to meet the needs and environmental regulations.
Additionally, Nuplex Australia offers solutions to their products so as to deliver the right king of chemistry. On their website you can view their extensive product portfolio, which are technological and efficient.
Automotive OEM coatings
Vehicles refinish coatings
Decorative and trim paint
Construction coatings
Wood, plastic and textile coatings
Marine coatings
Protective coatings used on automotives
Further, Nuplex Australia believes in preventing any form of accident through their ‘Zero Harm’ environmental goals and they include:
All workers and employees have the right to feel safe in their work place
Prevent damages from either the environment or community.
Also, they train and offer resources that could be applied in the work place for health and safety precautions to promote a zero injury environment.
All in all, for further inquiries do not hesitate to contact them as soon as possible, or visit their website page at www.nuplex.com.

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