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NUFARM Contact Customer Service

Substantially, Nufarm Australia was founded over 60 years ago so as to produce a wide range of crop protection products. It has top quality agricultural and horticultural specialists who are fully experienced and meet long-term demands and expectations for their customers.
Additionally, it is one of the largest crop protection producers in Australia with a large network of regional service in specific agricultural areas.
Their mission has always been to grow a better tomorrow; however, their vision is producing various means in innovative crop protection and technological solutions. Their core values include:
Consequently, Nufarm Australia is also manufacturing in 16 countries, with marketing operations in over 25 countries and product sales in more than 100 countries. Nonetheless, there regional service centre are in the following centre:
NSW Centre
QLD Centre
SA Centre
VIC/TAS Centre
WA Centre
Nufarm Australia tries really hard to reduce personal exposure to toxic chemicals through the refillable containers, which is great for the environment and has some positive impacts. Further, as of now it is supporting Envirodrums and Envirotanks by using modern storage and handling equipments.
Finally, for further inquiries or advice always feel free to contact them anytime, or visit their website page at www.nufarm.com.

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Dear sirs We have recently been looking for new suppliers and are very interested un your product ranges. I would appreciate if you could advice us if we can make a contact and bussiness with your company Regards saeede rahmati