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NHP Contact Customer Service

NHP is a company that is into provision of electrical products and it has been in existence for over four decades with about 750 people employed as staff. The company endeavors to provide people with quality electrical products and so far has thrived in making this possible. NHP specializes in motor control, distribution of power and automation systems which makes the company a force to reckon with in the electrical engineering industry. The company is located in both Australia and New Zealand with 24 branches and 25 regional offices across both countries. This then gives them a platform to adequately attend to the need of customers and provide excellent customer service. This is because each branch or office will have a phone number that people can call and thus people in the area where a particular office is located can go there for further technical support. There are varying number of products sold by NHP and the products are organized into about 19 different categories to make it easy for people to choose from. NHP is involved with other major industries in the fields of mining, manufacturing, oil and gas, food and beverage just to mention a few. NHP also have a contact us option on their site with phone number to call in order to provide people with excellent NHP customer service.

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