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NetBank technical support contacts

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Netbank Australia is a subsidiary of the parent company Commonwealth Banking Services Australia, one of the largest banks in the whole of Australia and offers much the same services most banks offer, including loans, investment advice and general baking advice.

Netbank Australia as a company offers a wide variety of numbers all for their own specialised purposes. You can either reach out to any of these numbers depending on the query you need addressed or just hit the Netbank Australia customer care service team with an email or even visit them physically at their address.


Netbank Australia Contact Numbers

  • General enquires
    • For general enquiries regarding services offered by Netbank Australia, use the number 13 1998. However, if you are a new customer, ensure you have your bank details close by.
  • Merchant services
    • Existing merchants can reach out to the Netbank Australia customer care team through the number 1300 772 968
  • Agribusiness
    • For general enquiries regarding how Netbank Australia can benefit your agribusiness, call the number 1300 772 968. 
  • Car & equipment finance
    • For general enquires for car and equipment finance through Netbank Australia, call the Netbank Australia contact number 1800 277 387. 
  • Business Credit Cards
    • If you want to apply for a business credit card, lost your current one or wish to renew it, call the Netbank Australia customer care contact number 13 2221.
    • For all other cards, including corporate credit cards, call the Netbank Australia customer care number 13 1576
  • Online Banking Enquiries
    • If you have a question that concerns online banking from within Australia, call the Netbank Australia customer care hotline 3 2339
  • Mortgage Protection
    • For mortgage protection queries, call the Netbank Australia customer care number 1800 617 980 
  • Home and Car Insurance
    • If you have a question that’s about anything along the lines of home and car insurance (renewal, queries, etc), call the Netbank Australia number 13 2423


Netbank Australia Website Contact

You can also contact Netbank Australia through their website contact form with your details attached and get a prompt reply back to your email within ten to twenty minutes.


Netbank Australia Social Media

Netbank Australia will also offer you assistance through

Facebook - commonwealthbank, Twitter - @CommBank



NetBank Australia's leading service provider of finance and the best known brand in the Australian financial services industry. Opportunity Initiatives brings NetBank commercial responsibility technique to life, aiming NetBank ideas and long-term goals on issues important to NetBank stakeholders and us. NetBank eight Opportunity Initiatives take NetBank give attention to education, technology and good business practice.

Through NetBank education, digital and financial literacy programs, NetBank can help people find the skills NetBank overall economy and modern culture needs. Over time the real number of initiatives may grow, or decrease, regardless they demonstrate how NetBank are working to create sustainable permanent drive and value positive change. NetBank have a variety of initiatives and insurance policies in destination to maintain the advanced of determination NetBank share with all customers.

NetBank goal is to embed invention inside NetBank business, utilizing it to enable financial wellbeing, support positive change and increase the full lives of NetBank customers. NetBank collaborate with these customers in this leading edge facility to discover insights, recognize opportunities and solve business problems.

NetBank have comprehensive initiatives and policies in destination to maintain the high level of commitment to NetBank customers.

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