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MY LICENCE AUSTRALIA Contact Customer Service

Mylicence Australia is an agency that is based in South Australia and is concerned with giving out licence to people once they have passed their driving test. Mylicence is exceptionally committed to putting safe and smart drivers on the road which is why the process of giving out the licence is a little bit rigorous. This is to ensure that the people being issued licence are capable of driving safely with really low probability of accidents occurring on the roads.
Mylicence has certain road rules that are made by the agency which are expected to be followed duly by the road users while also providing users with regular updates on safety tips for using the road. Mylicence is found under the department of planning, transport and infrastructure of the government of South Australia. Furthermore, there is regular inspection of heavy vehicles in a bid to try and reduce the likelihood of damage to the roads.
There is a means by which the agency can be contacted in case of emergency or inquiries as there are phone numbers available to make this possible. While there is no typical Mylicence customer service ‘station’ available, the agency still tries to put in place an office for attending to questions so that the contact us option can be fully utilized.

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