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MORGANS Contact Customer Service

Morgan Australia is the largest national full-service retail stock broking and wealth management firm. The company operates financial services majoring in stock brokerage offering financial advice, financial planning and wealth management services. It provides personalized investment advice and services for building customer’s wealth and financial security. Morgan Australia was founded in 1982 by Paul Morgan as a sole proprietorship with five employees including Morgan and Peter Evans. The company has passed through various stages of development and consolidation since its creation in 1982. The company operations run across the entire Australia with over 60 office locations. It has grown from a business of five staffers to over 850 employees and over 500 authorized agents serving over 300,000 customers in Australia. Morgan Australia continues to build a culture of growth and service that started 34 years ago. Morgan Australia is headquartered in Brisbane QLD. The company formed a professional business alliance with a leading Asia-Pacific investment bank, CIMB Securities International Australia Pty Ltd to further strengthen Morgans Australia’s market position to be able to serve its clients better. The company continues to enjoy unfettered customer patronage across Australia leading to the opening of more branches in response to customer yearning for more qualitative personalized services. You can contact Morgans Australia customer service for more information or call to speak with them on their phone number.

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