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MICHELIN AUSTRALIA Contact Customer Service

Michelin Australia reaffirms customers recognition of clients privacy and guarantees the protection of their contact information; it urges the customers to make their complaint and inquiries ensuring protection of their privacy. Michelin Australia provides written and oral contact information for customers who wish to submit their grievances and queries through writing and for clients who desire to make phone call for faster lodgment of their complaints and queries. For customers wanting to convey their queries, complaints and comment in writing, visit this link, you will access the contact form where detail information about the client will be taken, and they can leave their messages and submit to the customer service for a quick response. However, how fast the response you get will depend on the volume of inquiries in queue for attention. Customers who prefer calling the customer service are provided the phone number 1300 72 78 78. Using this phone number ensure a client gets faster response to their inquiries and can resolve urgent matters with a dial. Customers are urged to take careful look at Michelin Australia’s website to locate relevant solutions to their problems. For instance, customers may visit the frequently asked question to see if some of the issues they intend tabling for the client service attention are already treated to save previous time.

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