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MASTERTON HOMES Contact Customer Service

Jim Masterton founded Master Homes 50 years ago, and his company has gone on to become one of the best known home builders in NSW. The Masterton name has become synonymous with quality, but they also have quantity to fall back on as well. The company has been prolific in the home building business in their 5 decades, putting up over 50,000 new homes during that period. While the company has grown over the years, it is still very much a family business, with the founder still playing an active role in the daily business. The customer service department can be reached at Masterton Homes contact number

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RE MASTERTON BUILD AT 194 WOODLAND ST, BALOWLAH 2093 Mr Masterton, I am the owner of the above block, I am writing to express both my concern and displeasure at the appalling lack of progress of the Masterton development on my property at 194 Woodland Street, Balgowlah. The slab was thrown in the beginning of August this year and to date – over 4 months later – your company hasn’t even managed to complete the frame of the house. With the Christmas break looming, progress is going to be even further behind, possibly now getting to the stage where irrespective of how your current inefficiency improves you are very unlikely not to complete the build within the contracted timeframe. To date, Masterton have had 5 supervisors managing this project, with the 5th being the area manager Ron Out, who has now told me that a 6th supervisor will take over in the new year. This is unacceptable on any building project. With each supervisor change, time has been lost on the project getting the new Supervisor up to speed. Is this really up to Jim’s standards as advertised on radio adverts? Your progress pales in comparison to the progress made over the same timeframe, on other house builds in the area by builders like Rawsons and Metricon. The current rate of progress is leading to Masterton missing the build completion date by a substantial period, which will have significant financial consequences for myself. If that happens, you leave me with no option but to consider legal action, or a Fair Trade case against Masterton. I unfortunately have also noticed from online review sites such as ProductReview.com.au that with certain past builds Masterton has only reacted to fix building issues once adverse postings have been made publicly online. I trust Masterton will do the right thing and finally put my build at the top of the priority list rather than languishing at the bottom, thereby forcing me into avoiding any unnecessary publicity or legal action. I look forward to receiving an acknowledgement of this letter and assurance of immediate action. I am available on 0457 560 153 to discuss this matter. Regards, Hugh Bates