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LPI AUSTRALIA Contact Customer Service

LPI is an Australian-owned company that designs and manufactures Lightning protection, surge protection and earthing products. LPI stands for lightning protection international and it has its head office in Tasmania, Australia and from there, exportation of its products take place to over 60 countries ranging from South America to Europe to the Middle East and throughout Asia showing the extent of their reach and network.
LPI has been in existence for quite a number of decades and has been providing high quality products in terms of lightning protection and also offering expert advice as well. Its outstanding work and effort over the years has been well recognized by the Australian government with awards to show for it. Apart from protection against lightning, LPI also provides technical consultancy services and in-house design services to protect appliances and the whole house against direct lightning or sudden power surge.
LPI is a public limited company with international recognition; their focus is to provide high quality products and services to people around the world while also ensuring adequate satisfaction of their customers which has been achieved through an excellent LPI customer service. The contact us option of LPI can be used by contacting the head office through its LPI phone number.
LPI headquarters Location: 49 Patriarch Drive Huntingfield, Tasmania 7055, Australia

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