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Livingsocial can be considered as an online marketplace, which helps people to purchase and share things that can be done in the city. Livingsocial has become popular among people who live in Australia as well as the individuals who are planning to move to Australia. It has been identified that Livingsocial has got more than 70 million members and a considerable percentage out of them comes from Australia. People who are looking for escapes, courses, activities, gourmet, dining, services, wellness, gadgets, beauty and toys can think of visiting Livingsocial. In fact, it has got something for everyone. All the available products and services have been categorized for the convenience of users. As a result, the users will not have to go through any hassle when they are looking for something in need. Living social website also offers an excellent customer service. If you have any issues with browsing the website or purchasing the services, you can simply get in touch with them and request for assistance. You can also contact us via the mentioned phone number in order to get more information about the services that are being offered by Livingsocial.

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Hi, yesterday I purchased a voucher for Bazaari for 4 people for $176, Reservation ID: 6EM-DKR and today I booked a reservation online for Wednesday 4th October at 7.30pm. My friends had also booked a reservation online for Wednesday 4th October but unfortunately they could not book at 7.30pm so they had to book at 8pm. I called the restaurant to see if they could fix it on their system, but neither of the bookings were there. Can you please call me so that this problem can be resolved. Kind Regards, Joanne Alexander my mobile is 0403494944