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LIFEPLAN Contact Customer Service

LifePlan Australia is a subsidiary of Australia Unity Funds Management Limited. LifePlan was founded in 1992 but has a history of over 175 years behind it. LifePlan is a leading fund management specialist with many years of investment professionalism.
LifePlan has more than $1.94 billion in total funds being administered and is positioned as a leading investment manager and funeral bonds administrator in Australia. The LifePlan’s products include NextGen Investments, Lifeplan Education Investment Fund, and FuneralPlan Bond. It also includes Performance and Unit Prices, ICFS Financial Satisfaction Index, and much more.
LifePlan Australia Friendly Society continues with delivering its proud history dating back to 1840. The society developed as a product of coming together of different organisations. The accounts of unity which its progenitors lived continued to be the beacon that guides its activities today.
The society is an amalgamation of so many friendly societies and has grown to become Australia’s leading specialist fund manager and investment products provider with an asset base of more than 1.57 billion dollars since 2009.
LifePlan Australia is headquartered in Adelaide, SA and represented by many other societies that formed the organisation. For more inquiry about its products and services, contact the LifePlan customer service at the head office or call their phone number.

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