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Leaseplan is an international company that specializes in offering comprehensive fleet management services. Leaseplan has Dutch origins and now they have expanded to every part of the world. Leaseplan was founded back in 1963 as a joint venture in between a bank and a business that offers services to drivers.

Leaseplan was established in Netherlands. In 1970, it started expanding internationally by offering solutions to the people in Great Britain, France, Germany and Belgium. Leaseplan has about 6,000 employees at the moment and more than 85% of them are from Netherlands. At the moment, Leaseplan has been able to become the world leader in offering comprehensive automotive fleet management services. It offers fleet management services in 32 different countries in the world. It was even able to become the very first fleet management company in the world to manage more than 1.5 million cars at a time. Apart from fleet management industry, Leaseplan has started entering into the banking industry as well.

Leaseplan Australia was introduced as a result of it. This is an Internet savings bank with Dutch Origins. The bank was established back in 2010 and the main objective was to offer additional financing resources to the core business and ensure customer service.

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