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Kogan.com Customer Service contact numbers

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Kogan can be considered as the biggest online retailer that can be found in Australia. It was established back in 2006 and has maintained an excellent reputation throughout. Kogan has received much attention among people in Australia for selling the best quality products for the people at lowest possible prices.

This fact contributed a lot towards the popularity of Kogan within a short period of time. Kogan was discovered by a young entrepreneur named Ruslan Kogan. The business was started in a garage, which was owned by the parents of Kogan. At the beginning, Kogan was offering LCD televisions for customers at reasonable prices. The televisions were purchased directly from the manufacture and their quality was guaranteed.

The popularity of Kogan increased along with time and it was able to create a solid customer base. In fact, the entire business grew at an astonishing speed. At the moment, Kogan has delivered more than 3 million products to satisfied customers who live in every corner of the world. The potential customer base can be considered as the biggest strength that Kogan possess. You can contact Kogan Australia via the mentioned phone number to get more information about Kogan.

Kogan.com is the most significant online division store in Australia advertising thousands of products through its online direct to customer store. The Kogan.com business design is focused on you, the client. That is the reason; when you click around their website you shall find and find out all the merchandise that you would like and need. Kogan.com is most beneficial known for their impressive selection of consumer electronics such as Television sets, phones and tablets, but they likewise have an ever before growing selection of products in categories such as Home, Kitchen, Gardening, Fitness, Light and more.

Kogan.com prides itself on offering the merchandise you want to discover the best prices. As an unbiased online store they're able to go right to the manufacturers and bypass the providers, importers, wholesalers, marketers and vendors that are area of the retail process usually. By eliminating these expensive middlemen, they can pass the savings to you where they belong. At Kogan.com they stand behind their products.


Contact Kogan Helpline

That is the reason you can expect refunds on their Kogan.com Exclusive Brand products up to a fortnight after you acquire your item. They want you to love your product so if you need to return it. Contact to Kogan customer support for more information.

Datos empresa
i ordered 3 items on konga.com on the 10th of April but i have not received them yet. I have tried to contact help center but they told me the item are coming. I´m still waiting....anyone with the same problem?
I have accidently clicked on to the subscribe and am inundated with emails from Kogan,Tandy and Dick Smith and can't unsubscribe; I have tried to find ways and cannot even find a phone number. Kogan if you see this please do the right thing and take fakubaptyltd@bigpond.com off your list.
Kogan, customer service is terrible. No phone contact to accounts department. Have been waiting since 12th Jan for a reversing of a order that was charged twice for and the 2nd delivery/ order came in 2 parts last part arrived 5th Feb 2018. Despite numerous emails re charge/s and I didnt place the 2nd order + being charged interest on a visa card no one will contact by phone - only emails 3 days ago. Not happy Jan.
I have been trying to find a telephone number to speak to a customer service rep about a return authority number so I can return Kogan goods which are due to arrive today, but not only is there no number in existence where you can actually speak to a Kogan Consultant - but the Help/Support will not furnish me with a Return Authority Number, nor an address for the product to be returned to? They are so amazing at taking your $300, and I have been an excellent customer, but this is so UnAustralian!!