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KODAK AUSTRALIA Contact Customer Service

Kodak did not provide telephone contact information for its customers. But it listed various contact details for customers worldwide to get help by using the different website’s structured information to resolve their queries. Customers making inquiries on products such as digital camera, inkjet printer, video monitor and other issues can visit the support page here. Other areas for resolving issues include Motion Picture Film query and contact, Graphic Communications and contact, Industrial Materials and contact information and Eastman Business Park contact details, including real estate inquiries. Once on the page select your product, and you will be taken to a page to make a complaint or go through relevant sub-heading information to resolve your problem. If you are not satisfied with the solutions provided, locate the link to contact the customer service to register your inquiry. For worldwide, the News & Media page listed various contact information according to position and regional offices for different managers in charge. For customers from Europe, Australia & New Zealand, use the email link provided on the page to contact the manager in-charge, and you will be contacted as necessary to resolve your query.

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