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KLM Australia contact numbers

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Albert Plesman founded KLM (Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij) in October 1919; it commenced operation in May 1920 with its first flight from Amsterdam to London in a chartered flight DH.9As carrying two passengers only.

Since its first chartered flight, KLM has been flying both domestic and international flights consistently after that. Today, the company serves two domestic and 133 international destinations covering 66 countries. Since its first test flight in 1931, KLM has been consistent in its flight to Australia.

With its performance in the ALBURY flight incidence in 1934, the Australian Government allowed KLM to bring passengers into Australia from Europe in competition with Qantas. Australia is part of the over 150 destinations around the world that KLM regularly fly. For inquiry about KLM flights, you can contact customer service on KLM phone number.

Klm Australia flight routes in Australia include return flight as follows: Amsterdam to Melbourne, Amsterdam to Sydney, Amsterdam to Brisbane Amsterdam to Perth Amsterdam to Cairns New York to Sydney Atlanta to Sydney London to Sydney Detroit to Sydney Dublin to Sydney Madrid to Sydney Barcelona to Sydney As well as return flights on code-share arrangement from many other locations around the world to and from Australia.

You can contact KLM australia for booking and flight information in the following link


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