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JBS AUSTRALIA Contact Customer Service

JBS Australia is a meat processing company that is based in Australia and it is the largest there; the parent company is JBS which is the largest animal protein processing company in the world. JBS Australia has over 8,000 people as staff on its payroll and is a growing company that exports beef and lamb products to more than 80 countries around the world. JBS Australia has state of the art facilities used in the production and processing of its products while keeping high quality at the helm of its operations; as a result, it has developed a great reputation as the most reliable supplier of Australian beef products all around the world because they are committed to maintaining the highest levels of animal welfare, food safety, product quality and customer service. JBS Australia does not leave anything to chance which is why the best specialists are put in each aspect of their operations to ensure smooth flow of activities and help maintain the high standards that they have set for themselves and have come to be known for. JBS Australia contact us offices are located in Brisbane and Melbourne with their respective JBS phone numbers. JBS, 1 Lock Way Riverview 4303 Queensland, Australia

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