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JB HIFI Contact Number

jb hifi
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JB-HIFI is simply an Australian retailer featured with variety of DVDs, Televisions, CDs, computers, portable audio, camera as well as Hi-Fi among others. JB Hi-Fi is quite prominent as a result of wide range of DVD music, DVD movies, recorded music plus the Video games. It has got the most prominent brand and it is sold at a reasonable price. It was founded back in 1974 by John Barbuto in Victoria. The rapid growth JB-HiFi became a broad retailer of home amusement. Currently, JB-HiFi Board of Chairman is referred as Greg Richards.

Ways customers can use to contact JB-HiFi Australia

JB-HiFi does not take your feedback lightly. They love to see comments about your experience. In that case, you can call JB Hi-Fi helpline 0385307333 and someone will be waiting to answer you at the further end. You should not worry about your feedback as all forms of feedback are welcome. If it is positive, JB-HiFi team is encouraged to even offer better services should there be a next time. Negative feedback will help them rectify the areas they go wrong. The JB-HiFi team takes criticism positively and uses it to make things even better.

Customer service via chat

Alternatively, you can visit JB-HiFi website http://www.jbhifi.com.au and send an email through the chat inbox. You can make an order or leave a feedback. They offer 24/7 service and your email will be replied with immediate effect. If need be, you can also ask any question about them through the email and you will definitely get an answer.

Mail Customer care

Additionally, you can order or leave feedback manually by simply visiting JB-HiFi. With that said, you can only visit them if you know their location. JB-HiFi is located in 14th Spink St Brighton, VIC, 3186. Interacting with JB-HiFi support staff face to face can solve most of the issues and doubts customer could have. The welcome offered right from the reception is not just a thing you can find anywhere. Not to mention that there is also the query department that has individuals that are more than willing to answer any question you pose to them. In fact, you will go back a satisfied customer.

Any of the contact methods is ideal for use and effective too. Do not hesitate contacting JB-HiFi about anything using any of the outlined contact methods.



JB Hi-Fi is an Australian based distributor or CD’s, DVD’s, and a host of commercial electronics. The company name was derived from the initials of John Barbuto, who started the business back in 1975. Barbuto ran operations until 1983, at which point he sold the company, which was then turned into a chain of 10 stores by the new owners

The company, which has its main corporate offices in Melbourne, has flourished in recent years while the rest of the industry has struggled.

The growth of JB HI-FI Australia has been helped by an excellent customer service in place to attend to people with complaints or enquiries while also ensuring that the JB HI-FI phone numbers made available for people to utilize the contact us option is always functioning.

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Good Afternoon I live in Melbourne , Aus. But with my husbands work spend fair amount of time in Philippines, which is where I currently am. My problem is I have tried numerous times to log into your website for which I have an account and I just get"access denied". What I would like to do is place an order for buying the Google Pixel phone outright, depending on your cost either 32gb or 128gb in quite black. I would also like to purchase the Daydream view VR headset. I can pay by PayPal and have it delivered to Melbourne or pick up the order on the 8th Dec. when I return. This is a gift for my sons 21st and I am concerned if I leave ordering the phone any longer I won't be able to find stock. I need prices of various phone size and go. Please please can you help, it is so frustrating not being able to order from your site. I would really appreciate a quick response, thank you so much. Kind Regards Peter and Pauline Cunningham
Hi there from atleast last 10 years I am buying goods from jbhifi. 2 weeks ago you had 15% offer on Laptops. Last week when i approach your store I was being told that the offer has finished.. I still bought the laptop. Now this week you have the same offer again... I feel like I have been ripped off. I bought Dell 13 7000... Bad marketing... not a happy customer ....
i bought a mobile phone which I wasn't happy with so I rang the manager at Glendale named Brad to ask if I could have a refund or store credit he then got very rude and said they don't that and cut me off everytime I tried to explain why I didn't like it...made me feel like an idiot he got loud even my husband could hear him so I got my back up ,I got very cranky i also work in retail so I know that's not how you treat a customer.We have bought TV's and computers from you but after that we think we'll be shopping around ..definitely not happy
I wanna complain the staff from delivery toll mercella ,she has very very very bad service!!!!!! I felt really unhappy with your company!!! When I talking to her on phone ,she's really bad attitude!!!!!!! And hang up the phone!!! It's really unprofessional and bad service!
If JB is interested in feedback why don't they have a simple complains link on their on their website under "Help Centre" ? It is truly difficult to leave a complaint & they never follow-up.