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Isuzu Australia Contact Customer Service

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It is one of the most famous automotive companies. Isuzu Australia has been providing their customers with the best services and products so that they will never have to go anywhere else. They have the top quality automotive and this is the reason that customers have trusted them since ages.

However, there might come a time when you have to get in contact with the customer services.

Isuzu Australia Customer service 

Isuzu Australia has specially trained their customer’s services to make sure that they will meet all your requirements. Here we have some of the authentic methods that you can use to get in contact with  Isuzu customer services:

  • You can call Isuzu contact number at 1800 035 640, this helpline is available from 8:30 am to 5 pm 
  • In case that you have some questions make sure to visit Isuzu contact us page because you can find several answers or you can ask the support team as well at https://www.isuzuute.com.au/about-us/contact-us.aspx
  • In case that you have some major issues make sure that you visit the head office or send Isuzu Australia a mail at Port Melbourne, VIC

Make sure that contact Isuzu Australia customer support of Isuzu Australia as soon as possible. They will make sure to meet all your requirements.



Isuzu is a Japanese automaker that has been in business since 1934, and which has its main offices located in Tokyo. Over the years, Isuzu has extended their business operations to several different countries across the globe. In Australia, they became one of the major suppliers of light commercial and domestic vehicles to Holden.

By about 2008, Holden were starting to cut back on the number of vehicles that they sourced from the Japanese branch of operations, causing Isuzu to put their own name on the D-Max, which is a popular seller in Australia. Isuzu customer service department can be contacted through the main company website. Isuzu is a production company of commercial vehicles and diesel engine. Its head office is in Tokyo. Its principal activity is the production, sale and marketing of Isuzu commercial vehicles and diesel motors.

Isuzu's most important market concentration is on commercial diesel-pored pick-up truck construction and buses. In Australia, Isuzu was for quite some time a significant supplier of light commercial and domestic vehicles. Isuzu Trucks have been market leaders of the Australian truck market for many years. The way of measuring our dedication is mirrored in the amount of pickup trucks on the highway that tolerate our marque, and the amount of successful companies counting on Isuzu vehicles every day.

When Isuzu Australian speak about reliability, Isuzu Australia is not simply discussing trucks, but also about people and even our entire philosophy. In addition Isuzu customer care centre have usage of a considerable selection of service and support programs made to ensure that Isuzu truck ownership is a good and rewarding experience for all those concerned.

Isuzu Australia resources and our motor vehicle knowledge are huge, which shows in the grade of our level and product of service. Isuzu Australia prides on providing the highest level of service and support throughout the complete country.

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Hi VIn No is JALFTR34TC7000057. Please check that it is still under warranty and would like to transfer warranty on Gill Brothers PTY Ltd name . Or contact for details 0425011213 Thanks Mandy Sent from my iPhone
What oil is used in the 2007 NPS 2 speed transfer gearbox? Is it the same oil as the 5 speed MYY5Y gearbox? VIN JAANPS75L67100098
Stay away from Isuzu.... No Help! Most unhappy customer. Where to go for justice? Anyone can help me please. Isuzu NLR 200 AMT List of Breakdown Events 1) Purchased Brand new truck on 24/09/2013 paid $40100.00 with 3 Years / 100000 KM Warranty from dealer Gilbert & Roach Huntingwood. 2) DPD & Engine Warning light came on 07/01/2016 at 59421KM.Charged for filter cleaning etc. $1093.27 08/01/206 still warning lights & trouble continued. 3) Charged again $ 174.49 01/02/2016 to fix something that also didn’t helped. 4) The dealer suggested to replace Fuel Injectors for $4564.52 24/02/2016 at 60000 KM to fix DPD problems! 5) To continue my business I had to get the DPD fixed at private workshop & paid $1800.00 26/02/2016. 6) Wheel alignment done twice within 60000 KM (once paid by Isuzu) didn’t fix fast front tyre wearing out problem. 7) Due to wheel alignment problems I replaced 24 tyres in less than 2 years in 60000KM Cost me more than $3500.00 & still going on…. 8) The Air conditioner Compressor failed in February 2016 at 61000 KM. Contacted dealer & Isuzu they both refused for warranty repair stating the Engine hours passed the warranty! 9) Recent unbearable hot weather I had to purchase new compressor from Dealer for $1150 06/02/2017 + paid $384 for installation at private workshop. 10) Again the Alternator failed on 08/02/2017 at 84000 KM. Paid for new alternator $825 to Dealer + paid $132 for installations to private workshop. 11) I ordered new Truck in August 2013 kept me waiting as new truck is on the way from Japan & will be delivered in October 2013 but I received delivery on 16/09/2013. The new truck I received was already with another dealer from 07/07/2012 which was driven more than 500 kilometres as per list of log I found in side of the new truck. Speedometer may have been tampered & parts may have been replaced. Dealer & Isuzu refused to fix all above faults under warranty stating the engine hours. Still today 03/27/2017 truck has driven 87800KM. I have all the invoices, receipts & correspondence with dealer/Isuzu for the above jobs. Due to all this I had to unload & Load all Ice cream (700 Boxes) 5/6 times, Very painful hard work for one single person at the age of 61. Kept waiting to replace the A/C compressor for one year & worked many days in hot 30 to 44 degree weather conditions. Even in rain struggled to drive in foggy windshield in humid conditions during one year. Due to all these episodes lost sales for number of days due to not vending & lost many regular customers for ever. Even due to non-vending as per franchise agreement I was about default my franchise agreement. Lost my Ice cream sales profit $8000 (40 Days X $200 per day). The Isuzu or the Dealer Gilbert & Roach should pay me back…. $1093.27 Filter cleaning which never solved the problem. $174.49 Again Filter replacement. $4564.52 replace Fuel Injectors $1800.00 Paid private workshop to fix the DPD problem $2500.00 Tyres $1534.00 AC Compressor $957.00 Alternator $8000 Lost business profit $500000.00 or more for mental stress, trauma & suffer lots of physical pain. I am taking tablets for high blood pressure regularly from past 20 years. During the above I was feeling more stress & had to triple my dose of tablets. Which has affected my health & ability to do normal jobs. This is my third brand new Isuzu truck for Home Ice cream franchise since 2006. There was no problem in previous 2 trucks so I choose same model to replace old one. This particular piece is defective.