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INDUSTRY SUPERFUND Contact Customer Service

Industry SuperFund is Australia’s most recognised and trusted superannuation brand rendering quality and beneficial super funds services to members. Industry SuperFund is comprised of fifteen similar service providers that make up the group. Industry SuperFunds Australia provides retirement investment services to over five million members across Australia in its superannuation administration worth more than $224 billion. The journey to provide a reliable financial future for Australian workers started with the Australian Council of Trade Unions campaign (ACTU), which led to the introduction of compulsory super introduced in 1992. It mandates all employers to contribute for their employees. Industry SuperFunds Australia today is a well-established provider of competitive retirement income products. Its service focus includes delivering services to benefits its members. Help members with financial and investment advisory services to make sound investment and financial decision that will result in profitability and sustenance of their investment. Industry SuperFunds also offers life and disability insurance to its members. It helps members negotiate better insurance deals as an extension of its pursuit of customers benefit programs. High priority is given to members in high-risk jobs. Industry Super Fund has 15 unions within spread across Australia; you can contact their customer service in a location close to you or speak to them on their phone number for more information. Customers wanting to contact Industry Super Funds for superannuation inquiries can use the contact information provided on its website to reach the client service. It provides phone contacts and contacts us form on its website for customers. It also provides various service contact information below the page for clients who wish to join any of the services or get more information by visiting the particular service website. For customers wanting to speak with the Industry Super Funds customer service, call this telephone number 1300 881 371. It provides call time limitation for between the hours of 8.30am to 5.00pm AEST/AEDT on weekdays. Industry Super Funds provides alternative contact detail, using the contact us form provided on its website to reach the customer service. Using the contact us form requires the customer to enter their full name, email address, phone number and to indicate the type of Super funds they are with and enter their inquiry or comment and hit the submit button to send the information.

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Hallo I was going through some old paper work and found my super fund number which is 0957536 I was just wondering if it is still active and if I have any funds still in there. I can be contacted on matthews_5@bigpond.com If there is no funds or not active I do apologies for the inconvenience