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IAG also known as Insurance Australia Group Limited is on of the largest Australian insurance company which was founded in 2000.

IAG headquarters are located in 388 George Street. Sydney, Australia and the company operates in different countries like Australia, New Zealand, UK, China and others, providing quality insurance policies to the customers.

IAG Marketing department decided some years ago to sign an advertising agreement with Manchester United football club so that IAG brand appears in player t-shirts. 

IAG phone number +61 (0)2 9292 9222 is available 24x7 and you can get through to IAG customer service line to be informed about insurance policies, claims or any other kind of support

IAG Insurance is an Australian company that has its headquarters in Sydney, Australia and it was founded some 16 years ago. IAG Insurance is a multinational insurance company that has about 14 subsidiaries and serves about six countries namely: China, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Thailand, together with New Zealand and of course Australia because the IAG itself is an acronym for Insurance Australia Group. 

IAG Insurance is concerned with the environment and is involved in sustainability projects that will help to protect the atmosphere and the environment as a whole. As of the year 2014, a total revenue of almost 10 billion Australian dollars was recorded as well as a profit of about 1 billion Australian dollars. IAG Insurance in its 16 years of existence already has over 15,000 people employed as staff. 

There is an excellent IAG Insurance customer service in place that allows customers to make enquiries of any sort and they will be responded to accordingly. There is also a contact us option which can be found on their website with the appropriate IAG phone number to reach them +61 (0)2 9292 9742

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