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Hyundai Australia Contact Customer Service

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The Hyundai motor company Australia is basically the Australian branch of Hyundai itself. The Hyundai motor group is a South Korean multinational conglomerate headquartered in Seoul. In all of South Korea, it is the biggest motor vehicle manufacturing company and in all of Asia in fact, it is the second largest, second only to Toyota.

With a series of small, medium, and luxury cars, it’s no wonder why the Hyundai motor company Australia, is currently doing so well. Hyundai offers efficient contact us services, their customer service is top of the line, their phone numbers are easy to obtain and can always be reached, and the vehicles themselves are also incredibly popular.

Hyundai itself was founded back in the year 2000, and as of this writing, has a net income of 78.978 billion US dollars.

email address - 'bryan.wilson7@bigpond.com' I would like to know release date for 2017 Hyundai i30 and if a wagon version is going to be part of the range. A wagon version would be very good indeed.
I have a Hyundai 1/9/17 build date Tucson active x I have read conflicting information regarding the service frequency is it every six months or every twelve and the service cost I have had the first service abd have done 3500K Regards Robert Kerr janrobi@retirecom.com.au
What is your telephone Number Please you say it is easy to find ? janrobi@retirecom.com.au