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HSBC Helpline contacts

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HSBC bank Australia Ltd, was formerly known as Hong Kong Bank of Australia Ltd, and it was founded way back in the year of 1965. HSBC bank Australia is renowned for great efficiency, productive customer service, and great tech features on their website. In Aus alone, there are 25 separate branches, plus direct channels.

HSBC bank itself offers a variety of different banking services, and they can easily be reached via their contact phone number, email, or direct online chat, which can be sourced via their contact us section of their website. Tony Cripps is the CEO, and the company itself obtained its banking licence just over three decades ago, back in the year 1985, which was after the Australian government made a series of changes which actually permitted the foreign banks to be allowed into the country. HSBC is expanding on a yearly basis, and if media reports are anything to go by, HSBC looks set to open up a further 100 branches in Australia alone.

HSBC, also known as The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, is a multinational banking company with around 60 million customers, making it the world’s fourth largest bank according to total assets. HSBC aims to fund trade between Asia and the west, and operates in 71 different countries and territories.

Headquartered in London, it was the second largest company on the London Stock Exchange as of July 2012. HSBC has raked in around $60.68 billion of revenue in 2015, with a profit of $15.53 billion. HSBC has received notoriety in the past for activities including working with tax evasion and money laundering. HSBC reduced energy consumption by 3 per cent in 2015 and a total waste disposal reduction of 10 per cent. HSBC is also involved in charity, donating around $205 million to a variety of charities in 2015. Subsidiaries include First Direct, HSBC Bank, M&S Bank, and HSBC Trinkaus. HSBC’s current CEO is Antonio Pedro dos Santos Simoes. HSBC offers customer service by phone, and on their Twitter page @HSBC_UK_Help.

HSBC also encourages customers, and other involved parties such as journalists and investors, to get in touch with them on their website, hsbc.com/about-hsbc/contact-us, or through an international office network which can also be accessed online.

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