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Hitachi Australia is a company that manufactures various products ranging from home to business products such as air conditioners, laptops, consumer products as well as services like consulting services, mining services and logistics just to mention a few.

To ensure that quality products and services are delivered to people across Australia on a daily basis, then the company has put in place a customer service team as well as a means by which customers can reach them.

Hitachi phone number for contacting the customer service of Hitachi Australia is 1300 02 6239 1438 and this is the number specially dedicated to allowing customers to speak to a customer service agent about any issues they might be having concerning any of the products or services of Hitachi Australia.

The customer service helpline number of Hitachi Australia is available 24 hours for 7 days a week which makes them accessible at any time of the day thus increasing their capability to maintain a high quality standard for their products and services. Another means of contacting the customer service of Hitachi Australia is to fill their customer support form through which a customer can send them email about any feedback or complaints as the case may be.

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