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GORDON & GOTCH Contact Customer Service

Gordon & Gotch, Did you know that back in the 1850’s, there was already a publication distributor operating? Oh, yes! There definitely was and this was Gordon and Gotch. They began in 1853 to be exact and now, they are the major independent publication distributor and wholesaler of print media in Australia. Their head office is located in New South Wales.
Basically, Gordon and Gotch operates by delivering the printed media of their publishers to different newsagents, supermarkets, store chains and others. Gordon and Gotch ensures the publishers that their products are very well taken care of.
They receive, pack, distribute the products and treat it like a precious gem. They make sure that all products are all in good condition and that they meet the publisher’s requirement and deadlines. The products are being handled the whole week and not missing a day. Meanwhile, deliveries to the different retailers are being done twice a week. The deliveries are being done in a timely method to assure that the deliveries from Gordon and Gotch reach the agents, subagents, newsstands and customers in time.
Rest assured that Gordon and Gotch focuses on quality and quantity of their clients. Who ever said that it can’t be both? For any queries or questions, you may email them at contactus@gordongotch.com.au or call them. They operate Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 5:30 pm (EST).

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Datos empresa
I am writting this to seek your help, i have been ordering build a deloreon from my local newsagent in warwivk queensland , however they have missed two of they magazines numbers 9 and 11 they have told me that they have tried to get my two missing mags to no avail so they gave me bissits number who gave your number so could you please help me out. I am already $200 plus into this project and with another 120 to go I need all parts and magazines. Thanking you. J-A Jones Jamnjf@me.com