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Phone number

Contact with Golden Gasket Lottery Customer Support

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Customers and the general public interested in contacting Golden Gasket for inquiries or complaint can use any of its available means of communication provided. There are available four mediums of contacts as follows:

Golden Gasket phone number

For customer who likes to use the phone number can call Golden Gasket within business hours Monday through Saturday on 131 868. Overseas callers can get in touch with Golden Gasket on +61 7 3227 0680.

For clients wishing to send written message can use Golden Gasket customer support form located on its website here. Clients should, however, note that there could be a slight delay in response during high-traffic periods.

Golden Gasket complaints

Customers can refer to the Golden Casket’s Complaint Handling Charter for clarity about its complaint handling methodology so as to understand the best way to approach them.

Golden Gasket also encourages customers to visit its office in person if they wish to register complaints personally to visit 87, Ipswich Rd, WOOLLOONGABBA QLD 4102.

Golden Gasket Postal Mail

And for customers who prefer using postal mail can send their complaints or inquiries to Golden Gasket Lottery Corporation Limited, Locked Bag 7 COORPAROO DC QLD 4151.

For anonymous contact, interested customers can call the Golden Gasket phone number 131 939 or +61 7 3632 6000 or make use the following email details, better still they can send postal mail to Tatts Group, Locked Bag 7 COORPAROO DC, QLD 4151.



Golden Casket is the lottery corporation in Queensland trading on ASX, Australia. . The company is in charge of lottery tickets selling. Golden Casket phone number can be found free in this website in case you need Golden Casket contact

Golden Casket Lottery is a lottery company operating in Queensland, Australia. By selling lottery tickets and scratchcards in convenience stores, Golden Casket has a net profit of $20 million a year. Golden Casket was solved to Tattersall’s Limited, a gambling company, for $530 million by the Queensland government. Although the funds were donated to the Royal Children’s Hospital, the government still collects the lottery tax.

Tattersall’s Limited’s lottery division also features Tatts Lottery, NSW Lotteries, and SA Lotteries. The Lott, a lottery brand, was established in June of 2016, encompassing all of Tattersall’s lottery brands. Since the establishment of The Lott, lottery information regarding Golden Casket, NSW Lotteries, Tatts Lottery, and SA Lotteries was moved to a new website,

Golden Casket’s website may be found on The website features a contact page and FAQ page. Golden Casket support may be contacted online, through Golden Casket website. Customer support is available from 8 to 5 Monday to Saturday.

They may also be contacted anonymously through an email,, or by phone. Physical mail is also accepted at the address Tatts Group, Locked Bag 7, Coorparoo DC, QLD 4151.



Ways Of Contacting Golden Gasket Australia

Golden Casket is simply the lottery cooperation that is in Queensland operating on ASX, Australia. Golden Gasket Australia governs the sale of lottery tickets as well as the scratch cards in ideal stores. This Golden Gasket Australia is said to have a $ 20 net profit.

Customers and the masses have the liberty to reach Golden Gasket Australia for complaint or even enquiries via a number of ways. The customer service offered at Golden Gasket Australia is beyond what any words can explain. They satisfy the customers to the maximum and they have even been said to exceed customers’ expectations most of the time. In that case, Golden Gasket Australia has offered various means of communication. 

Golden Gasket Australia phone number

You can have your query or complaint listened by simply dialing the number +61 7 3227 0680. This number is specifically for callers who are oversees. Beware that you can reach Golden Gasket Australia within working hours which is Monday to Saturday. Callers who are within Golden Gasket Australia can use 131 868.

If you wish to leave a written text, simply use Golden Gasket Australia customer support form found in their website. Note that in cases of high-traffic jam, you are likely to experience a slight delay.

Golden Gasket Australia Complaints

If you have a complaint, simply use the Golden Gasket`s Complaint solving technique so that you can approach them in the right manner. However, if you wish to personally register your complain, then you can visit Golden Gasket Australia office personally. 

Golden Gasket Australia Postal Mail

If you are the kind the love using a postal mail, then there is a way out still. Just drop your complaint or query to the Golden Lottery Corporation limited, Locked Bag 7 COORPAROD DC QLD 4151. For hidden contacts, those who are interested should dial Golden Gasket number 131 939 0r + 61 7 3632. Alternatively, they can use the email If none of these Golden Gasket Australia contact methods suit you, then send postal mail to Tatts Group, Locked Bag 7 COORPAROO QLD 4151.

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I lost my card
I have lost my card and have been notified it has also expired! Can I get a new card please! P.0 Box 7434 Southport Qld 4217
I have found a $5 golden casket ticket from October 1990. Can I still check if it was a winner? Thanks
Your $5 crossword scratch it’s are a ripoff. My granddaughter bought 20 in a Rowe not a single winner. I am writing an paper article to the local letter to the editor in the courier mail to ask them to investigate.