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Contact with Gillette Customer Service team

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Gillette is one of the most famous brand mens safety razors, but the company is Procter & Gamble. The origin of Gillete comes from 1901 thanks to King C. Gillette, the founder who create Gillette company. Gillette headquarters are in Boston, United States
Gillette is a maker of men’s personal care products that started operations in 1901.

The company, which is based in Boston, Massachusetts operates globally, and has locations all over the world, including Australia. Gillette, which started business by making safety razors, now falls under the Procter & Gamble umbrella after a merger back in 2005. 

Gillette Australia try to appeal to younger men by putting their name to sporting events all over the world, including cricket and rugby, both of which are huge in Australia. If you are looking for to contact Gillette’s Australian customer service department, you can do so by calling Gillete Australia Phone Number

Gillette is owned by Proctor & Gamble, abbreviated as P&G, a multinational consumer goods company, and is a brand of personal care products for men, including safety razors and shaving supplies. Gillette’s first safety razor with a disposable blade was first available for purchase in 1903.

Gillette’s razor model, “Aristocrat”, had a Twist to Open (TTO) design, facilitating easier and quicker blade changing. The first adjustable blade, allowing for one to increase the closeness of the shave to one’s own liking, was produced in 1958. This model remained in production until 1986. 

Gillette released other innovative razors, such as Good News!, the first disposable, double-blade razor in 1976 and Gillette sensor, the first razor with spring loaded blades. Gillette also manufactures products marketed towards women, such as Venus. In 1999, Gillette’s net worth was estimated to be 43 billion dollars, with a brand value of 16 billion dollars. Gillette frequently sponsors athletes, including Tiger Woods, Theirry Henry, and Michael Clarke. 

Mishaps occurring to athletes associated with Gillette are dubbed as “the curse of Gilette” by marketing experts. Given Gillette’s prominence, the brand is frequently referenced in popular culture, such as in television shows and films: Saturday Night Live, Mad TV, and Goldfinger (a James Bond film).

My email is diane_inman@amp.com.au My husband love the Gillette GEL Deodorant Arctic Ice or Cool BUT I have been unable to purchase. Can you tell me where in Sydney I can obtain? Appreciate your update. Kind Regards Diane Inman
Today I opened a pack of fusion razors as I have used these for a number of years and was disappointed to find using the blade appear to be blunt and drag across my skin causing pain and discomfort. I have the remaining blades still in pack which l would be happy to return. My phone number is 0401700820. Regards Alan
The latest Gillette Mach 3 razors are blunt and took my skin off. Very unhappy.
have been using gillette blades for a long time and usually get just over one month per blade but the t\last 8 pack that i have purchase seem blunt from the start and 4 blades have only lasted 3-4 blades was has happened to the good old ones i'm better of buying disposable blades or buying an electric shaver .
Please contact me on 0404045835, regarding a faulty product.