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FRASER PROPERTY Contact Customer Service

Fraser Property is a real estate and property development company, located in Sydney Australia. Fraser Property activities across Australia are to the development of residential land, housing and apartments, commercial, retail and industrial real estate, property management, investment and property ownership and management. Origination of Fraser Property can be dated back to the 1920s when it was founded by the incorporation of TM Burke Pty Ltd. In 1960, Burke TM merged with the Department of Housing and Land of the Hooker Corporation. The company began trading under the Australia Housing and Land (AKA Australian) in 1990. Within 2001 and 2002, Australand Wholesale Property Trusts were organized but it was later renamed to Australand Property Group in the following year. In October 2014, Fraser Centrepoint Limited & Privatized acquired Australand; Rod Fehring was appointed as the company’s CEO in July 2015 and the global brand Australand Fraser pledge was adopted in August of the same year. Fraser Property spread wide throughout the Asia-Pacific region; they have branches in New Zealand and Singapore, as well as other Australian states. Now Fraser Property Australia is one of the group leaders Australia diversified properties with more than 600 employees representing them and offices in five states of Australia and New Zealand. Please contact Fraser Poperty’s customer care for more information or visit their official website.

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