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Facebook Australia contact number

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Despite being one of the largest companies in the world, Facebook doesn’t actually offer a great deal of options for those looking to contact Facebook Australia customer service for whatever reason. Phone number for Facebook Australia allow customer to get in contact with a customer care representative directly, it can be a good solution when you have problems or questions. However, they look to resolve issues via Facebook dedicated ‘Help Centre’.

In addition to answering the most frequent questions for Facebook Australia users, Facebook Australia offers advice for using the site, managing your privacy and safety settings, looking after your account, and how to report when something is wrong. If you cannot find what you’re looking for with the various topics on offer, Facebook advise users to visit the community section of their site to ask for help from other users. Also, there is one solution that could be the saving grace ‘Support Inbox’

fb support

Although it isn't well advertised, there is an inbox where you can check and send messages if the Help Team has got in contact. Furthermore, you can see all updates for the things you have reported and see if there are any messages relating to your account.

The team has since then grown and have decided that it is their turn to give back to the community by involving themselves in a number of amazing initiatives. Facebook’s customer care line is open to the public as a toll-free line at Facebook phone number. Alternatively, you could visit the Help Centre from your own profile where a number of pages will be available for you to find assistance.



Reporting a Problem - On the top of any Facebook page, you should find a blue circle with a white question mark inside. By clicking this, you can ‘Report a Problem’ and you will be shown instructions to follow thereafter

If you prefer to speak to Facebook customer service to have your problems resolved, you might be left a little disappointed as this opportunity is rare with Facebook Australia. Also, many users have issues with the facebook login mobile phone number due to sometimes it not works properly

Instead, they like users to interact with the community or use their help centre to find solutions. Interestingly, they did have a Twitter account for support back in 2012 but this has been inactive for nearly five years!



Now it´s possible to search friends and people using a phone number, just in case those people include it on their profile



A name that has passed the lips of every single person on the face of the earth is a company called Facebook. This ingenious idea sprouted from one university student and it created a need where there was none.

Terms like status update, wall, and post have become so frequently used that the essence of Facebook has been captured into the culture of the current global economy. Since Mark Zuckerberg found it in 2004 it has exploded into the largest social media site in the entire world. Not only does it provide a means of easy communication between two or more people, but it has reconnected families that are separated by distance. People can share ideas, phone calls, texts and videos from anywhere in the world.

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my account was blocked due to photos of my car being reported for nudity
Hi there My facebook acc was hacked on the 19th nov at roughly 4-30pm Australian time nd my account was disabled until 5pm today australian time.. as i went to go back in to re log into facebook i put in all my new details nd then it goes to the basic details it is says to select all correct details nd facebook will detail anything else.. it gets to my phone number which i selected nd then it has an email address well the only email address is obviously the hacker.. my email address is coombsey72@hotmail.com nd the only email that i can select is silenseishearing6@gmail.com now im not going to select that cause it isnt mine but i cant go any further with the details cause it wont let me my email is there to select nd i am not selecting the other email.. could you please help me as i do not want to start off a new account because of someones scamming...
Hey Facebook, my account seems to be blocked. Can you offer customer support. I prefer not to advertise personal info here. I sent an email to you yesterday, but to no avail. I also tried to call 1800 875 386 and was answered by an Indian male who told me that my account was compromised by hackers and for me to rescue the account, the charge was $299. I opted out, suspecting this to be more fraud. Can you help?
myaccount has been temporarily locked because of hacker and I cant login until facebook sends me an email plz help
I belong,to facebook,and am having a lot of trouble with facebook.It keeps on jumping,and then it is not responding.This has been happening,for some time now.Some of my facebook friends,are having the same trouble.Is there any way,of fixing this,as it is most frustrating.My email address is,denisemerton@westnet.com.au.Thanks,hope you can fix,as want to use it,Denise Merton.
i am brain injured and need helpi have tried for 4 days to log in facebook but it keeps saying wrong password could u pls phone me on (sydney)02 98872173 thanks Eddie
My profile has been taken over and I can't get in to it anymore. Contact me one jacobvanrenen@gmail.com
can you please call me on mobile im having proble6 sending pictures messager through Facebook
I forgot my email address and password
I have hade a code sent to me but it does not work now i don't have a code i want to access my account if you could please contact me via email rishelldunn@gmail.com or 0478840633 I have tried to contact facebook a number of times but no one will answer me please help i have photos of my daughter i want
Hi there, I'd like to delete someones feeback from my Sign Hero facebook page. please contact me at beau@signhero.com.au Thanks, Beau
Hi there I’m trying to get a hold of someone at Facebook support as I need an invoice of my ads being taken out of my account not just one big bill that doesn’t state what they took the money for please contact me on 0400359763 Regards Angie
Hi I’ve got a new phone and I can’t log on Facebook l have forgot my password and my email address I’ve been on since 2009 please help me 0419234148