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ETSY AUSTRALIA Contact Customer Service

Etsy Australia is a typical ecommerce shop where people get to buy what they are looking for or sell products that they have available. It was founded some 11 years ago with the major headquarter in Brooklyn, New York but has a branch in Australia and currently, Etsy has about 852 employees. This online shop has nothing less than 35 million items for sale with about 25 million active buyers and over 1.5 million sellers. In the space of 11 years, Etsy has really grown and expanded because in the year 2015, a gross merchandise sales of over 2 billion dollars was recorded. Just as would be expected of an ecommerce shop, people have to sign up before they can buy or sell so that their corresponding addresses can be noted down for purpose of contact or shipping particularly for those that are buying. Due to the large number of customers and sales, there is a need to put in place an efficient customer service station so that people can be well attended to. This is why there is a contact us option on the website of Etsy with a phone number to call so that people can enjoy excellent customer service.

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Datos empresa
I would like to remove my item for sale. Please advise how I can do this.
my phone went out waiting for replacement phone. Money was taken out my account on 12/22/17 and 12/26/17 for earphones, money clip, watch, I would appreciate a called to my home# 928-299-2395. I can not received a e-mail I do not have my phone now and I can not remember my password for e-mail bradleyjudge62@gmail.com