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Phone number

ENERGIZER AUSTRALIA Contact Customer Service

Energizer Australia customers and members of public who have inquiries, complaints and comment about Energizer Batteries Australia can contact the customer service on the phone number (02) 9763 6100 or they can use the email address at eapl.customerservice@energizer.com.
For anyone having inquiries regarding promotional activity can contact Energizer Batteries Australia support services using the email support@energizerbatteries.com.au.
For customers looking for information on Energizer Batteries Australia’s products but are having difficult time locating them can contact the customer service at the following email address for support on locating the right product for you. However, a customer can use the information provided on its products page to get what they want without problems.
Energizer Batteries Australia also provides avenue for customers to register their contact details for exciting promotions where the promotions service team can contact them for update of interesting offers. Go to this page (http://energizerbatteries.com.au/signup/index.html) to sign up if you would like to enter your contact details for support.

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I purchased a heavy duty usb cord this morning. It was the 3rd one I replaced within the last month due to the charging being too slow and breaking easily. This cord looks unbreakable however again it states charging within 8 hours. I have taken an old one on put on phone which still charges within one hour. I could take it back to the shops however would like contact also please. I have photos to prove this. Regards Kim