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MEETIC AUSTRALIA Contact Customer Service

Meetic Australia is an online dating site with its origin in France which is where the major headquarters is located. It was founded in 2001 by Christophe Salanon with about 500 employees. In general, apart from Australia, Meetic operates in 14 European countries and also in Brazil and China. It has also been made available in 12 different languages thus showing the commitment and dedication of the company to reaching out to as many people as possible while transcending the barrier of language. Meetic has about seven different products that it manages as well as utilizing two highly profitable economic models in the dating market which complement one another. One of the models is used for the internet while the other one is used for mobile phones. In Europe, Meetic is regarded as the undisputed leader in the world of online dating with over 25 million registered profiles. Four years after inception, a revenue of 43 million pounds was recorded as well as a net profit of almost 6 million pounds. Due to the fact that they are committed to satisfying Meetic Australia customers, and ensuring that their service is optimum, an excellent customer service has been put in place to serve this purpose. Also, there is a contact us option which can be utilized through the Meetic Australia phone number available on their website in order to make further inquiries.

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