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EASYJET Contact Customer Service

The world is low-cost airlines expanded in a big way in the 1990’s, and British-based EasyJet were one of the companies to jump on board.
They were established in 1995, and have very quickly grown to a fleet of over 230 aircraft that serve more than 130 different destinations. EasyJet have their corporate headquarters located in Luton Airport in London, England, and currently have around 10,000 employees on the books. Easyjet revenues in 2015 topped the 4,500 million pounds mark, with over 500 million pounds of that being pure profit. EasyJet does all that they can to deliver solid customer service, and they can be reached at easyJet Phone Number

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I am trying to book 2 tickets to Lisbon from Edinburgh on Tuesday the 29th November 2016. I have ticked on to two exit row seats. They do not add to my ticket price!!! what do I do? Peter kirby